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Article by: Barbara Bowman

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It is simple to do a conversion from a volume, such as a cup to another volume such as a tablespoon. However, it is another matter to convert a weight, such as a gram to a cup. (Why? Because ingredients take up varying space in a "cup" and they can be very different weights. Example: 1 cup of chopped parsley does not weigh the same as a cup of peanut butter)

This type of conversion involves knowing the actual weights and measures for the specific food. Our conversion tool allows you to convert any ingredient in the database to any of the provided measurements such as cups, grams, pints, quarts, tablespoons (UK and US) kilos and more. This is an invaluable tool for culinary professionals as well as the home chef

Who Needs This Tool?

If you live in the U.S. and you want to use recipes that use metric rather than U.S. standard measures. Or if you live in a country that uses Metric and you want to use a recipe that uses standard U.S. measurements.

You may be a cookbook editor and you need to convert recipes from one system to another

How The Tool Works

The database is comprised of over 6500 ingredients including a breakdown of nutrients. You can search for the ingredient you need to convert. Due to the number of ingredients you may optionally select an ingredient "category" to narrow your search. Then you select the correct ingredient, enter the amount you want to convert to, select the "from" measurement and select the "to" measurement and click "go".

Your recipe calls for 60 grams of olives and you want to know how much that is in terms of cups: Enter "60" in the "convert" box, the select "grams" from the first drop down box and select "cups" from the "to" drop down box.

Once you click "go" the conversion will appear to the right of the "go" button and nutritional beak down for the amount you selected will displayed at the top of the screen.

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