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Select from our collection  of kitchen and cooking conversion calculators and charts.
Cooking ConversionsA  highly -accurate conversion tool which allows you to convert weights, volumes, metric, US for specific food items.
Basic Cooking Conversions A simplified converter, converts drops, dash, pinch, milliliters/cc, deciliter, fluid dram, teaspoon ( US), teaspoon (UK), tablespoon ( US), tablespoon (UK), fluid ounce ( US), fluid ounce (imperial), cups, cubic inch, gill ( US), gill (UK), pint ( US), pint (UK), quarts ( US), liters, gallons ( US), gallons (UK)
Gram Calculator
This is a simplified system that converts grams to cups, drops, etc base on an average gram weight.  The page also contains a helpful chart.
General Metric Calculators
This page contains a set of general metric calculators
Bar Drink Measurements
A chart of bar drink measurements (drops, jiggers, teaspoons, pints, fifths, quarts) and their equivalents in ounces.
Metric Conversion Chart
Chart lists standard U.S. and U.K. volume measurements with equivalent U.S. unites and metric units.

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Gourmetsleuth stocks a variety of kitchen and metric calculators and scales for your everday conversion tasks.

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