Sugar Skull Decorating
sugar skull decorating

Sugar Skull Decorating

We've created this gallery of sugar skulls decorated for Day Of The Dead to help stimulate your creativity as you decorate your sugar skulls this year.  While not the most traditional decorations we offer some examples of creative uses for commonly found decorative objects. We suggest you browse the isles of your local craft shop for goodies.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Day Of The Dead Sugar Skulls

Our eclectic collection of hand made sugar skulls were crafted with goodies from the local craft store. We used lots of feathers, beads, sequins, and some colored. This is the time to let out your inner-child and just have a lot of fun.

Fatima - The Queen of Sugar Skulls

fatima - sugar skull queen

Fatima is decorated with a large feather boa and beaded head dress,

Sweet Baby Jane

sweet baby jane sugar skull

Sweet Baby Jane has pretty yellow locks, a feather neck dress and those goo-googly eyes!

Pirate Sugar Skull

pirate sugar skull

And a gritty pirate he is! Our fellow is decorated with soily smudges, a black bandanna and a very cool earring.

Count Blackula Sugar Skull

count blackula sugar skull

Count Blackula sports a black cape, a feather cowl (clearly his feminine side) and some nice white, frosted fangs.

Dead Dude

punk sugar skull

Dead Dude has big beaded eyes that match his red crop of fluffy punk hair. His facial piercings are made with sequins.

Ms Tille

ms tille sugar skull

Ms Tillie has eyes that don't match up made with different beads. Her hair is decorated with some pretty feathers and red beads.

Nixon Sugar Skull

We're not sure why we named this guy Nixon but he may be as close to a traditional sugar skull as we got. We used multiple colors of Royal Icing for his head and around the eyes. We added a feather so he didn't feel left out.

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