A Guy's Gotta Eat

The regular guy's guide to eating

For a lotta guys, the kitchen is a foreign as a women’s shoe store.


Article by: Barbara Bowman

Related Videos Gourmet Sleuth brings the author of “A Guy’s Gotta Eat, the regular guy’s guide to eating smart,” Russ Klettke, to share his secrets and recipes for beating that problem, just as he’s done himself for years.

Even many men who are experienced at cooking elaborate feasts are at a loss when it comes to making a quick and nutritious meal – late on a Tuesday night, for example, when the day is long and the drive-through beckons.

The nutrition challenge for most men, single ones in particular, is to eat at home more – meals made outside the home average 55% more in calories and fat than those made in one’s own kitchen (SOURCE: American Dietetic Association).

Where To Start

Each month Russ will provide a new article focused on a specific food or nutrition concept complete with easy to understand health information and a simple recipe. 

A Guy's Gotta Eat!

  • Mini-Mart

    Bypass the drive-thru, not your heart Bill Clinton’s recent encounter with heart disease reflects some sobering realities of America’s convenience cuisine culture. He famously ate badly – remember those morning jogs with Secret Service, which included Eggs McMuffin at the finish line? He recently lost weight on a low-carb diet, but that didn’t cure his heart disease. Bad diet and ...

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  • Millennium Cabbage

    Cabbage of today doesn’t have to be your grandmother’s borscht – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Whether her recipes came from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Russia, China or Africa, it’s a healthy, cheap, resilient (long shelf-life) and versatile vegetable that can be flavored a thousand ways. Raw or cooked, it’s great to have around for a fast, hearty meal ...

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  • Beef It Up

    Red meat evolved homo-sapiens from Neanderthals to neurosurgeons. Today it's making vegetarians into Flexitarians.* *  Flexitarian: Someone who leans toward a vegetable-intense nutrition regimen, but still is a carnivore. I read about this designation recently and realized I am one. Beef is for dinner, and even if you start with a pound of frozen ground sirloin (90 percent lean or leaner), ...

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  • Smart Tuna

    Tuna provides a good example of where health warnings drive people crazy.  Tuna good for us because it’s a quality protein with almost no fat.  But we’re also told it is bad for us because it contains mercury.  Let’s set the record straight right now and get on with enjoying this perfect guy food in a fast, healthy meal. The ...

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  • Children Of The Corn

    The low carb revolution – reportedly in decline, by the way – has cast an evil eye on the vegetables and fruit that are higher in calories – such as raisins, sweet potatoes and corn. But higher than what? A little perspective here: none of those is more than 200 calories per serving, while a bag of “super size” fries is around 560 calories. ...

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Wow this sounds great. My husband usually will turn down whatever vegetable meal I make in favor of pizza if you can believe it...but he's missing out. My son would love this! Thanks!

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