A Guy's Gotta Eat

The regular guy's guide to eating

For a lotta guys, the kitchen is a foreign as a women’s shoe store.


Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Even many men who are experienced at cooking elaborate feasts are at a loss when it comes to making a quick and nutritious meal – late on a Tuesday night, for example, when the day is long and the drive-through beckons.

The nutrition challenge for most men, single ones in particular, is to eat at home more – meals made outside the home average 55% more in calories and fat than those made in one’s own kitchen (SOURCE: American Dietetic Association).

Where To Start

Each month Russ will provide a new article focused on a specific food or nutrition concept complete with easy to understand health information and a simple recipe. 

A Guy's Gotta Eat!

  • Six minute oatmeal

    Six minute oatmeal All rolled oats are “instant.” The trick is to give it substance that will power you through the next several hours. The Facts: Because oatmeal is one of the few foods that the FDA allows to make a specific health claim – “diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include soluble fiber from oatmeal may reduce ...

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  • Bean Me Up, Scotty!

    Beans. We may not give a hill of them, and they have long been derided as peasant food (by the same people who might think “fish sticks” are a meal). But surprise, surprise, surprise – beans are among the healthiest fast foods on the planet (the canned version is just as nutritious as other forms, by the way). And they’re ...

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  • Fearless Canned Salmon

    Afraid of fish in a can? That’s not unusual. But some of the healthiest fish – salmon, sardines and anchovies – are sold this way. They are inexpensive and easy to keep on hand for quick, unplanned meals. You owe it to yourself to give canned fish a try because the combination of health benefits and convenience provides lots of ...

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Wow this sounds great. My husband usually will turn down whatever vegetable meal I make in favor of pizza if you can believe it...but he's missing out. My son would love this! Thanks!

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