I don't get it.. what does Gourmetsleuth do?

Our goal is to help inform and educate people interested in food, cooking and eating. We do this in two ways. We write culinary articles on various foods and cooking topics and we publish recipes that take a "how to" approach.  We also answer culinary related questions including things like "I live in Dubuque, where can I find Chinese pate?"  (well, that's a tough question)..

In addition to our own content, we maintain a huge database of food, beverage (wine, beer, alcohol) related sites.  So if you are looking for recipes for dinner tonight, or resources to start your own restaurant, this is a great place to start.


How is GourmetSleuth.com any different than any other search engine?

To answer this we'd like to explain a little bit about how search engines work. There are two basic types of search engines.  One type is a "directory" such as Yahoo.com.  Directories actually have a human that looks at a site before it is entered into the search engines directory.  The other type of search engine is a "bot" that uses a program to search the web for pages, using a very specific set of rules. Both types of search engines categorize the sites using "keywords" (as well as other criteria).  We are a "highly focused directory".


Learn More About The Site Before You Link
Additionally, we provide you with some important information about the site before you ever link to it.  We tell you if the site has on-line sales, if it offers a printed catalog, if the site is secure, or if the site is simply informational.  Just look for these icons below the link to see what services are offered by the site.

legendh.gif (2844 bytes) 


Do I have to be a member to use the site?

You are not required to be a member of our site in order to use many of our sites features but you do have to be a member to add commets, reviews, or to contribute content.


How can contact someone for more information?

If you have any questions about our site please contact us at any time.  A Contact Us link is located on the bottom  of each of our site pages.


Do You Sell Products?

We maintain a catalog of interesting culinary items that are supportive to the information we provide. We specialize in items that are not readily available to most of our readers, things like molcajetes (Mexican stone, mortar and pestles), pot de creme cups and tortilla presses as well as other less common culinary tools.  Sometimes we carry an item just because we think it's a "real good" thing to have in the kitchen.  We hope you'll browse around and we're sure you'll find something you like. (Enter our shop)


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