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Guide to Culinary Salts
A cook's guide to culinary salt including descriptions, photographs and suggested substitutions.
Guide To Beef Cuts
Guide to beef cuts. An illustrated guide to roast and steak names including the portion of the steer the meat was cut from.
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Champagne extract Champagne extract
Champagne extract is a clear liquid artificial flavoring product used to simulate the flavor of champagne in candies and confections.  Although not a true extract, the flavoring can also be used to fl
Epazote Epazote
An herb well-known to Mexican and Caribbean cooking. The name comes from the ...

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  • swiss knight chocolate fondue
    Swiss Knight Semi-sweet Chocolate fondue (now packaged under the Emmi name). Simpl...
  • canela (cinnamon)
    Canela is the Spanish word for cinnamon. The cinnamon used in Mexican cooking is th...
  • piloncillo
    Piloncillo is Mexican dark brown sugar. These sugar cones have a very high molasses...

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