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Other names: Japanese horseradish, Wasabi rhizomes

A rhizome similar in flavor and heat to horseradish that is used dried and ground or grated as a condiment with sushi, sashimi as well as other Japanese noodle dishes. Wasabi is quite strong when it is first grated but the heat diminishes as the wasabi is exposed to air. Dried, powdered wasabi is also available but just like its fresh counterpart it is hard to find and quite expensive. Wasabi powder is combined with water to form a thick paste. Wasabi is typically mixed with soy sauce when being used with sushi or sashimi. (Nutritional information is for raw, wasabi root). Most all wasabi served in the U.S. is not wasabi at all but a powder made from dried horseradish, food coloring and dry mustard. Japanese restaurants found that fresh wasabi was not preferred by Americans so the horseradish mixture has become the standard. In the traditional fashion fresh wasabi is grated using a small shark-skin grater.
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Substitute for wasabi

Wasabi powder, Hot mustard powder (such as Coleman's) mixed with water or use equal parts of horseradish

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1 cup, sliced (130 grams)
Total Fat
  Saturated Fat
Total Carbohydrates
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