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Ultra-pasteurized milk

Also referred to as UHT (ultra-high temperature) ultra-pasteurized milk has been super heated using various direct and indirect heating methods. The purpose is to extend the shelf life of milk and to provide the ability to pack the milk in shelf-stable (Tetra-pak) packaging. The process was first developed in Italy.

Consumers will find that ultra-pasteurized products do not behave the same way as normal pasteurization. For example if you try to make cheese with ultra-pasteurized milk the curd will not develop properly. You may also notice that ultra-pasteurized cream takes a significantly longer time to whip. The US FDA requires that all ultra-pasteurized products be labeled as such (either ultra-pasteurized OR UHT). It has also been suggested that humans don't digest these products in the same way they would normally pasteurized products. When possible buy your dairy products from local dairies to avoid UHT products.
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Substitute for ultra-pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk


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