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Other names: tritip, Santa Maria Steak, tri-tip roast, tri-tip steak

A beef cut from the bottom sirloin butt.  (See tri-tip cut image from the NAMP guide).  The cut is available with or without fat (defatted).  When roasted or grilled whole it is referred to as a tri-tip roast.  Many times the roast will simply be cut into steaks.

The cut gained in popularity in the U.S. after the 1950's when it became a specialty in Santa Maria, California (see Wikipedia).  It is not uncommon to see freshly roasted tri-tips on grills in front of grocery stores and at local farmer's markets.  Most sell tri-tip sandwiches or you can take roasted pieces home for later use.

The cut is best grilled or otherwise can be quite tough.

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Substitute for tri-tip

Flap steak

Two chef hats because the small history is there, but cooking time is not. How many minutes per pound should a tri-tip roast cook for well done, medium well done, or medium rare ect. How do you cook the roast so that it melts in your mouth? This is the information I need. I had a great recipe for this meat, but I lost it and for two years I have been unable to cook mouth watering tri tip. Any suggestions anyone?

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