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Taleggio cheese

Other names: stracchino, Tellegio

Taleggio is a pungent cow's milk cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy. The cheese is cave aged and becomes quite tangy.

Pair with white or red Burgandy or a rich Chardonnay The making of the cheese dates back to the year 1200. Prior to the 1900's the cheese was called "stracchino" which means "tired" or "exhausted. The reference is to the tired herds of cattle making their journey from the Alpine pastures back to the plains. The exahusted herd was still able to produce milk for making cheese and thus the term "stracchino" was born.

Use the cheese on your cheese board or use it melted atop pastas or other hot dishes.
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Substitute for taleggio cheese

Limburger (very strong) or for a variation use Fontina OR Bel Paese (lacks the pungent quality of Teleggio.

Is there a substitute for taleggio cheese?
We've updated this entry with a couple of options.  If you want another strong cheese that is easy to find then Limburger will work but it is quite strong.  If you simply want a workable alternative then try a good Fontina OR Bel Paese.

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