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SunLite low carb potatoes

The SunLite potato, was invented and being grown in Florida. The new potato has a cream- to buff-colored skin and light yellow flesh The seed was developed through traditional crossbreeding in the Netherlands. It is an "early" variety potato, which has a shorter growing season. The new variety of potato has 18 grams of carbohydrate -- about 1/3 fewer carbs than your tyipcal grocery store spud and 87 calories. The product was developed because of the low-carb craze but in fact the company was trying to produce a more attractive, flavorful potato.

Prices (at the time of this writing 1/2005 ) are about $1.33 lb. compared to an average of .50 a lb for most other potatoes.

Substitute SunLite low-carb potatotes in any recipe that calls for potatoes.
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Substitute for sunlite low carb potatoes

White or red skinned potatoes


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