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Pinto Beans

A common bean used for making chile or cooked and mashed for making re-fried beans.

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Substitute for pinto beans

White beans OR Pinquito beans


15 oz. can   =   1 1/2 cups
1lb = 2 cups dried, 5 cups cooked


pinto beans

can i use VAN CRAMPS  pork and beans as a substitute?
Most likely not given "pork and beans" are highly seasoned with numerous ingredients other than beans.  If you could explain how you'd be using them we can be more specific with an answer.

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Recipe for Arroz a la Poblana, Rice Pilaf , Corn, Roasted Chiles, Cheese.
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Bean and Garlic Dip
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Beans With Chicos And Pork
Chicos are small  horno (oven) dried kernels of sweet corn.  Chicos are a Southwestern specialty which is most commonly cooked with beans.
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Black Bean Burritos
A good vegetarian burrito includes black beans, rice, green onions, corn, cheese and prepared salsa.
Black Bean Chilaquiles
Recipe for Black Bean Chilaquiles
Black Beans with Cotija Cheese
Serve these beans with a salad, or maybe alongside some spicy rice. They are also a good choice with quesadillas or other Mexican foods.
Chicken Black-Bean Tacos
Adapted from a recipe from the South Beach diet our black bean and chicken taco recipe is spiced with cayenne, garlic, paprika and Mexican oregano.
Chipotle Baked Beans
A thick bean recipe uses black, pinto and kidney beans baked with molasses, sausage, onion, brown sugar and chipotle paste.
Crab With Green Rice
Rice with crab, cilantro, tomatillos, onion and white wine.
Frijoles de la Olla
Recipe uses black or pinto beans, lard, onion, and epazote.
Frijoles Negros (Black Beans)
This delicious dish uses two specialty Mexican ingredients, avocado leaves and epazote.
Frijoles Refritos (Refried Beans)
Beans are cooked with onion and chipotle peppers then fried.
Mayan Black Beans with Habanero
Black beans flavored with garlic, habanero chiles, onion and vinegar.  Beans are served with warmed tortillas, radish, white onion, lime and cilantro.
Mexican Pinto Beans
Frijoles,Beans are an essential part of Mexican food. If you want to make good Mexican food you should learn how to make simple beans to work with that you can later add other ingredients or spices to
Mexican Red Tomato Rice
Charred tomatoes give this rice a smoky flavor.
Morisqueta Con Chorizo (Boiled rice with Chorizo)
The Spanish term morisqueta refers to the Moors. In this case the term means plain boiled rice. This style of rice is is considered a "comfort food" in Mexico. Simple boiled rice is eaten in Michoacan
Refried Bean Salad
Serve this refried bean salad on tortilla chips. This is similar to a cold nacho. Makes a good dish for a picnic.
Rice Cooker Recipe - Mexican Rice
Use your rice cooker to make this popular Mexican side dish.
Salsa Chicken Beans and Rice
A nutritious combination of chicken, bell pepper, rice and beans.
Texas Rio Star Grapefruit and Black Bean Chiles Rellenos
Poblano chiles are filled with a mixture of grapefruit sections, beans, cheeses, cumin then fried.
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