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Phyllo dough

Other names: filo dough, phyllo pastry, yufka (turkish)

Of Greek origin, phyllo (sometimes spelled filo) are tissue-paper thin leaves of pastry stack atop one another. Some traditional recipes that use phyllo are Baklava, Strudel. This product is available in the freezer section of most grocery stores. It will store well frozen for about a year.

To use, the phyllo should be thawed and placed between moistened dish cloths as you work or it will dry out. Typically the sheets are brushed with melted butter before they are used. Phyllo tears easily but it is very forgiving. Just "mend" any tears with a little butter and press them together.
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Substitute for phyllo dough

Frozen puff pastry


1 lb. thin   =   26 sheets - 12" x 17" | 1lb thick = 18 sheets - 12" x 17"


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