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Liquid smoke

A strong liquid food flavoring used to flavor saucers or other foods. The Colgin manufacturing company, explains how liquid smoke is made "Colgin Liquid Smoke is not a chemical or synthetic flavor - but genuine wood smoke "liquefied." The wood is placed in large retorts where intense heat is applied, causing the wood to smoulder (not burn). The smoke passes into condensers where sudden chilling liquefies the smoke. The Liquid Smoke is filtered and passes into large oak aging tanks for mellowness ". Buy liquid smoke at most grocery stores.
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Substitute for liquid smoke

Chipotle powder (adds heat as well as a smokey flavor) OR try adding a smoky sausage OR a smoked ham hock. Alternately you can simply leave the flavoring out.


Water, smoke essence (see description for manufacturing process)

any substitutes?
See suggestions on "more information" tab.  There is no "replacement" but there are alternatives depending on the dish.  When in doubt you can just leave it out.
I used Frank's Red Hot BBQ & it was sweet & spicy. Great substitute for the recipe that I was making.

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