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Liquid measuring cups

A vessel used specifically for measuring liquids. Liquid is poured into the cup up to the appropriate graduated marker on the side of the cup. Clear glass or plastic measuring cups are easiest to use. When measuring liquids, fill the measuring cup with your liquid and hold the cup at eye level to check the amount. Make sure you hold the cup "level".
A Note About Dry Measuring Cups
When using a dry measuring cup the capacity is measured to the level top of the cup. Ingredients should be filled to the top, then scraped off with a back of a knife or any straight object.

Difference Between Liquid and dry measuring
It is best to use a liquid measuring cup for liquids and a dry measuring cup for all solid foods. There is a slight difference in the measurement. That being said, cooking is not all that precise. An extra teaspoon or two here or there will make little difference in most recipes. Baking on the other hand is much more precise. If you are a serious baker you should consider using a kitchen scale which is much more accurate. If not then you should use dry and liquid cups properly.
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Substitute for liquid measuring cups

You can use dry measuring cups knowing there is a slight difference in volume


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