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Other names: sprinkles

Jimmies are a tiny candy confection that is typically used to sprinkle atop cookies, cupcakes, cakes, ice cream or other confections. Typically they come in jars of mixed colors but are also avaialbe in individual colors including all white. Purchase at grocery stores or stores specializing in cake decorating supplies.

Here is one version of the history of Jimmies from the Philadelphia Inquirer "Back in the 1930s, the Just Born candy company of Bethlehem produced a topping called chocolate grains. The man who ran the machine that made these chocolate grains was named Jimmy Bartholomew. "Thus, his product became known as jimmies," said Ross Born, the chief executive officer. He was told this story by his grandfather and company founder, Sam Born. Just Born registered jimmies as its trademark, and continued producing jimmies until the mid-1960s - which is why the name was so popular here. The trademark expired and soon after, Just Born stopped making jimmies."
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