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Israeli Couscous

Other names: Mograbieh, maftoul, pearl couscous

Israeli Couscous is an extruded pasta, similar to Italian orzo. The pasta is is then toasted to dry. The pastas is about the size of tapioca pearls and when cooked imparts a "chewy buttery" flavor. This pasta was invented in the 1950's by Osem in Tel Aviv. It has grown to be an Israeli staple.

Mograbieh is the Lebanese name for large "pearl" sized couscous which is made with semolina and flour. The pearls are boiled in water or broth and once softened can be used in salads or added dry to soups

To prepare it can be boiled in water for about 10 minutes, like you would any pasta. Or it can be toasted in a bit of oil and cooked as you would risotto, with several additions of cooking liquid which might include broth or wine.
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Substitute for israeli couscous

Orzo OR couscou


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