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Grains of paradise

Other names: Guinea Pepper, Malaguita Pepper and Alligator Pepper

Seeds are about the size of cardamom seeds and the flavor is spicy, warm and slightly bitter. Grains of paradise are used to flavor food and in some regions they are chewed to "warm" the body. To use Crush some with garlic and vinegar, and then rub over chicken, pork or lamb before roasting. Can be used as a substitute for pepper.


Other less common names for this spice include: Ginny Grains, Ginny Papper, Graines, Greater Cardamom, Grenes, Guinea Grains, Guinea Seeds

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Substitute for grains of paradise

Fresh ground pepper, sansho powder (prickly ash powder) OR cardamom

Besides being an amazing spice, it has a tremendous health benefits  grainsofparadise.com  has a lot of info on it.

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