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Fructose, granulated

Other names: Estee, crystaline

Granualated fructose (fruit sugar) a natural by-product of fruits and honey. Fructose looses some of its sweetness when heated so some adjustments may be needed when substituting for granulated sugar. Fructose contains half the calories of granulated sugar.

Fructose has a glycemic value is 20 (compared to glucose which is 100). Fructose metabolizes at a slow rate, helping to control insulin surges. It is recommended for diabetics and others seeking to control their carbs.
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Substitute for fructose, granulated

Equal amounts as regular sugar in sauces or beverages.


1 tsp   =   1 tsp granulated sugar

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Does anyone have some unique jam recipes using Fructose instead of sugar? I'm looking for an apple spice jam that is for a diabetic.  Thank you.  Brand new to this site.

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