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Fontina cheese

Fontina is a cow's milk semi-soft cheese which comes only from the Valle d'Aosta, Italy. The cheese is aged and pungent, irregular in shape, covered with a dark brown rind. In the U.S. the cheese is typically younger, straw-yellow with a buttery, nutty taste. The texture is semi-soft, rich and creamy with a few very small holes. Look for the orange-brown rind that indicates a true Fontina. It makes a good table cheese and is mild and smooth when melted.

Danish Fontina is pale yellow and semi-soft with a mild slightly sweet flavor. A derivative of its Italian namesake and a great table cheese that goes well with a light wine Fontina is also a good sandwich cheese
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Substitute for fontina cheese

Substitute Emmental OR Gruyere OR Provalone


Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet

I'm ASKING for substitutions, not suggesting... What did I register for???/
Humm well, the substitutions are on the "more information tab"  and no need to register to get those.

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