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Egg Substitute

Other names: egg beaters

A product used to replace whole eggs thus reducing the fat and cholesterol consumed compared to natural eggs.  Most egg substitutes are in fact made from egg whites.  Brands we've tested have a flavor very close to that of fresh eggs.  Read labels carefully because ingredients can vary including addition of various food additives you may wish to avoid.
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Substitute for egg substitute

Fresh egg whites


  =   1/4 cup = 1 large egg


Brand: Egg Beaters, Original: Egg whites (99%), less than 1%: Natural flavor, color (includes beta carotene), spices, salt, onion powder, vegetable gums (xanthan gum, guar gum).

I need 8egg whites was going off the equivalent chart on this site and it said 8 large egg whites = 1 cup. I am making a cake and I measured out 6 large egg whites and have hair under the one cup mark. So what is factual. Do I need to add 2 additional egg whites for this recipe or stick with one cup? Info needed ASAP
Sorry I'm unclear are you using an egg substitute product (this is the ingredient where you left the comment..)  Does your recipe call for eggs in cups or simply a certain number of eggs?
I am short 1 egg on my muffin ecipe & don't have any egg substitute product on hand like Eggbeaters. Could you suggest a substitue for he egg?
Ok, so if I understand you need 1 more egg for making muffins?  You could substitute mashed banana for example.  Without knowing what your other ingredients are.  How many eggs were called for in the recipe? More information would help me help you.

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