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Coconut butter

Other names: coconut oil

Also referred to as coconut oil; this fat is a solid non hydrogenated fat produced from fresh coconut meat. Coconut butter can be used as a substitute for vegetable shortening and typically imparts no coconut flavor.  Even though it may be referred to as coconut oil don't expect to find a clear liquid but in fact a thick, solid product.  Coconut butter may be refined for cooking under medium or high heat so select the appropriate product for needs.

This is an excellent product for sauteing.  Although the flavor is neutral it imparts a "rich" texture with almost butter-like qualities.

Coconut oil is a saturated fat but it has become increasingly controversial as to whether it is good or bad for you.  At 100 calories a tablespoon; like most fats you'll want to use it sparingly.  Dr. Oz has weighed in on the topic and says he consumes a "fair amount" of coconut oil.  Dr. Andrew Weil on the other hand suggests using other types of oil but he remains "open" to new studies about the health benefits.

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Where to buy

Substitute for coconut butter

Copha (a brand of coconut butter)


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