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Chutney is an Indian condiment typically made with fruit and/or vegetables, vinegar, herbs, and spices.

Serve as a condiment, appetizer, or with savory meat dishes, such as grilled pork or poultry. Popular varieties include mango, plum, onion or tomato.
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Substitute for chutney

Mango salsa OR Marmalade (sweeter)


8 oz. jar   =   1 cup



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Curry Chutney Dipping Sauce
Curry Chutney Dipping Sauce - serve with Beef Fondue or any grilled meats
Curry Powder
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Green Mango Achar
Achar is a pickled Indian condiment. This version includes green mango and chile powder
Mango Chutney
Recipe for a type of relish called Mango Chutney made with mangoes, apples, ginger, chiles and other spices.
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