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Bell peppers

Other names: green peppers, capsicums, sweet peppers

A variety of sweet peppers referred to as bell peppers because of their bell shape.  Bell pepper are sold in their green, unripe form and provided the strongest flavor.  As the bell peppers ripen then turn various shades of yellow, orange and red and they develop more sugar and become quite sweet.  Bell peppers can be eaten fresh, sliced or chopped added to salads or can be cooked or stuffed. 
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Substitute for bell peppers

Red, yellow, or orange bell peppers can be used interchangeably but do not substitute green bell peppers for red, yellow or orange.


1 small   =   1/2 cup chopped
1 lrg = 1 cup chopped
1lb = 3lrg or 4 med, 3-4 cups chopped
1 tbsp dried = 3 tbsp fresh
10-oz pkg = 2 1/4 cups diced or strips


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