Demy Recipe Storage
demy digital recipe reader

Demy Recipe Reader

It was slim pickins' for us at the Gourmet Products show this year. One ray of sunshine came from the booth displaying a new digital recipe storage system called Demy.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Meet Demy!

Demy is a first generation digital cookbook (and more). Weighing just over a pound and a half this nifty little computer sits upright or lays down taking up a small amount of counter space. Demy holds up to 1000 recipes, has a convenient 'favorites' key to access your most used recipes quickly, does metric conversions and even more.

How It Works

The company offers a free online service that allows you to add all your favorite recipes. If you don't have time to enter recipes off your old recipe cards they even have a service that will enter them for you for about .50 cents each. Once the recipes are in the system you just attach your Demy to the any available USB port on your computer and your recipes will synchronize with the computer -- just like using your iPod!

More Features

Easy To Find Recipes -Once your recipes are in your Demy you can display and alphabetical index to easily find your recipe.

Font Size - Need a larger or smaller font? Demy has a font size button to quickly change to the font that suits you.

Convert - You can use your Demy to do basic metric conversions like milliliters teaspoons, ounces, etc.

Timer - Demy has 3 built in timers

My Demy Website

In addition to the features built-in to the Demy your purchase includes use of the website.  On the site you can store unlimited recipes categorized into cookbooks.  (Note the Demy itself can store up to 2500 recipes). You can also share recipes with other users, participate in discussion groups and more. 
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Author: B. Bowman
First Posted:  May 9, 2008
Updated  August 17, 2009