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Almond Paste

Almond paste looks like a lump of Play Dough. It is actually a confection made from blanched dried almonds, sugar, and a liquid such as glycerin or cane syrup.

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  • Similar to marzipan, almond paste is less granular and contains less sugar. Marzipan is more pliable so it can be used form specialty shapes.
  • Use almond paste in in cookies, cakes, candies and pastries. It is particularly popular in Europe.
  • Store indefinitely refrigerated. If the paste gets too hard you can heat it gently to soften it again.

Almond Paste History

Almonds originated in what is today the Middle East and interestingly the wild form of almonds were quite toxic. No doubt almond paste has its origins in that region. Some credit the first use of almond paste to ancient China and its use during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey is well-documented.

Later, Europeans adapted the use of almond paste for fillings and confections.  One product of note was the original Praline. The origins of the Praline can be traced back to to the Marschall von Plessis-Praslin (Praline) where the chef's were well regarded for their skills at making confectionery.  One such specialty was the bonbons de chocolat filled with almond paste.
Almond Paste Today
You can make your own almond paste at home but you can save a lot of time by purchasing a reliable brand of commercially prepared paste.  We tested products from Solo and American Almond products with the latter being our favorite.  The Solo brand had a slight chemical flavo
About The Company

American Almond Products Company, Inc produces a variety of nut and fruit products, all made in the United States. Located in Brooklyn, NY since 1924, American Almond Products Company is America’s leading manufacturer of artisan-quality specialty ingredients for professional bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Their product line includes marzipan, lekvar, poppy seed paste, pistachio paste and almond paste to name a few. The company produces both a retail and food service line.

Visit: American Almond Products Company, Inc

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Almond Paste Recipes

Fun Facts About Almond Paste

In Puglia, Italy almond paste cakes in the shape of lambs are prepared as part of an Easter tradition.  The practice dates back to the Old Testament where Moses was instructed "that each man should procure a lamb for their family".

Did you know?

Almond paste can be stored indefinitely refrigerated. If the paste gets too hard you can heat it gently in the top of a double boil (over simmering water) to soften it again.

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Almond Paste
Almond paste looks like a lump of Play Dough. It is actually a confection ...
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