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Homemade foods

30 Minute Mozzrella Instructions
Images showing the steps taken to make mozzarella cheese in 30 minutes.
Basic Cooking Stocks by GourmetSleuth
A description and recipe for each of the basic cooking stocks including meat,chicken, vegetable and fish.
Classic Bearnaise Sauce
Recipe for a classic Bearnaise Sauce.
Chocolate Wafers
Creative uses for chocolate wafers including the history of this little chocolate cookie.
Crab Cakes
Learn how to make crab cakes. Includes recipes, history, serving suggestions.
Create Your Home Brewery
With a small investment you can create your own brewery right in your home.
Homemade Dog Food Recipes
A collection of free recipes for homemade dog and cat foods including healthful pet food tips.
Dog Biscuit Treat Decorating
Here are some tips for decorating your homemade dog treats. Article includes dog treat icing recipes.
Dog Treat Recipes
Recipes for making dog biscuits and treats at home. Includes links to dog biscuit bakeries, books, and over 200 recipes.
All about Fondue including cheese varieties, dessert, serving and preparation equipment, fondue etiquette.
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