Ground Beef
fresh ground beef

Make Ground Beef At Home

It is very simple to prepare your own ground beef at home. It takes just a few minutes with tools you probably have in your kitchen.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Why Make Your Own?

  • You know what you are getting - Commercially prepared ground beef is made of bits and scraps of various cuts of meat and discarded fat. It is one of the most problematic beef products and more prone to contamination.
  • Very Lean - You have control of the leanness of the meat based on the base cuts you buy.
  • Taste - It simply tastes fresher and better than the commercially prepared product and makes the best hamburgers.


If you happen to have a meat grinder you can use it. Many kitchen mixers such as the KitchenAid have a meat grinding attachment that also works well. But given the food processor is a more common kitchen tool we use it in our instructions.


You can vary the cuts if you wish but here is a basic method.

Wash your hands. You'll be handling the ground meat so start with clean hands to avoid contamination.

Makes: 1 pound ground beef

1/2 pound beef chuck
1/2 pound beef sirloin

Cut the meat into 1 1/2" cubes. You don't need to use a micrometer but keep the pieces uniform in size so you end up with a more uniform end product.

Place the chuck in your food processor fitted with the metal blade. Use short pulses that last about 1- 2 seconds per pulse. *Pulse 10 times. Do not use the "auto" button, only the pulse.

Remove the chuck and place it in a bowl or on a plate. Now repeat the process with the sirloin. Add the sirloin to the chuck and mix well with your hands.

*Pulse about 6 pulses for a coarse grind for making chili.
 Read more about Ground Beef - A Consumer's Guide.  Learn what you need to know about commercially produced ground beef.

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When making your own ground beef, why not alternate the chuck and sirloin when pulsing?  Then you won't have to handle the ground meat as much when you're done.   When my grandmother used to order her own meatloaf mix from the butcher (many years ago!) they would grind the different cuts of meat together to get a really nicely finished blend. When I have to mix 2 or more pre-ground cuts of meat together, I make a layer of one and then a layer of the next, roll them up and then mix gently with my hands - makes a more even blend without overmixing.

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re: Bobby Dean's favorite goulash Any time someone throws a bunch of food together and doesn't know what to call it, it gets named Goulash.  Gulyas (the correct spelling) is a specific beef soup/stew, not a mess of leftovers! From a Hungarian site:  Authentic gulyás is a beef dish cooked with onions, Hungarian paprika powder, tomatoes and some green pepper. I wish everyone would come up with a new name for the misc. combinations they come up with.

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Beef Recipes

Store Fresh Ground Beef

Refrigerate - If you are not going to use the ground meat right away then pat it into a ball (less air will get to the individual pieces to dry it out and eventually spoil) and wrap in butcher paper or bakers parchment and refrigerate for up to three days.

Freeze - If you want to freeze the beef you can freeze all of it or divide into serving size portions and place in freezer bags.   It is best used within a month.

Ground Beef 95% Lean Nutrition

4 ounces, cooked
Total fat (g)1
Saturated fat (g)3
Monounsaturated fat (g)0
Dietary fiber (g)
Protein (g)31 
Carbohydrate (g)3
Cholesterol (mg)83
Sodium (mg)380
Potassium (mg)357