Mexican Food and Cooking History

This is a bibliography and resource guide for Mexican foods and cooking history and information. If you are researching a Mexican dish or just curious this is a good place to start.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Pre-Columbian Cuisine

Pre-Columbian Cuisine

Mexican Cooking Tools

Common Mexican Foods And Dishes

  • Ceviche - History, recipe
  • Chilaquiles - All about this thrifty use for stale tortillas.
  • Chicle - The origins of chicle gum
  • Enchiladas - History and recipes
  • Flan - history, recipes, tips, proper cookware
  • Pozole - How to make fresh pozole (hominy) from dried corn
  • Quesadillas - Types, where they come from, recipes.
  • Salsa - History, recipes
    Salsa Trends - Food trends for this favorite condiment
  • Tacos -
  • Tamales - Learn all about tamales, history, types, recipes.
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