Fitz And Floyd Bunny Teapot
fitz and floyd teapot, 1970's.

Fitz And Floyd

Porcelain manufacturers in Dallas, Texas founded in 1960 makes of decorative products.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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About Fitz And Floyd

Fitz and Floyd was founded in 1960 by Pat Fitzpatrick and Robert Floyd in Dallas, Texas.  The company earned a leading reputation in the consumer products industry for the quality, style and creativity of its fine china and hand-painted giftware, available exclusively through better specialty and department stores.

fitz & floyd pots de creme, set of 6 w/saucers
Fitz and Floyd pot de creme cup and saucer, photo by


Most if not all of the Fitz and Floyd ceramic pieces were made in Japan. While we don't have documentation of which factories were used we have seen several pot de creme sets made for Fitz and Floyd that were also available under other porcelain sellers names.


Fitz and Floyd has produced a variety of products including teapots, dinnerware, figurines, specialty Christmas themed products and colorful majolica-style wares.

Today the Fitz and Floyd design staff creates virtually all of the company's exclusive designs, including a variety of limited-edition teapots, figurines, waterglobes, annual Christmas ornaments, plates and bells for collectors.

Figural Teapots of The 1970's

One of our favorite of all the Fitz and Floyd products is a series of animal-themed teapots.  Among the collection there were (click link to view pictures)

Bunny Rabbit Teapot
Camel Teapot
Duck Teapot
Elephant Teapot
Frog Teapot
Pig Teapot
Snail Teapot

In addition to the pots there were small tea cups and creamers as well as other companion pieces like co-ordinated salt and pepper shakers.

Pot de Creme Cups And Sets

Fitz and Floyd produced the largest variety of pot de creme sets made in the U.S. in the 1970's and early 1980's.  From simple solid whites to ornate Imari-style pieces their creations were in countless colors and patterns.  You can visit our Pots de Creme virtual museum to view many of the pieces made by Fitz and Floyd.
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Fitz & Floyd Porcelain Marks


Also in the 1970's Fitz and Floyd created some very good quality porcelain figurines and Staffordshire copies. 

Candlesticks, 1977 Fitz and Floyd photo by: jentawny