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Grains Cooking Chart

Looking for grains to integrate into your family's diet?  Use this chart to select the grains that fit into your meal plan.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Food Grains Cooking Chart

As I continue to try to integrate food grains into our daily menu I found this chart to be an invaluable tool.  Some grains require pre-planning in the form of soaking or long cooking times and others can be last-minute additions to our meal.  We suggest you print this chart out to be used as a quick reference. 

Click the name of the grain to view our complete dictionary description along with substitutions and recipe suggestions.

If you have favorite grains, recipes or comments please feel free to share.

For Each Cup Grain
Cups Liquid
Amaranth3Absorption or Boiling15 min2-2/3
Barley grits2/3Cereal3 min + 5 min standing time2/3
Barley groats4Absorption or Boiling1 hour 45 min2-1/2
Barley, pearl3Absorption or Boiling45-55 min4
Barley, quick2Absorption or Boiling10-12 min3
Buckwheat groats, unroasted2Absorption or Boiling15 min3-1/2
Buckwheat groats, roasted (kasha)2Absorption or Boiling15 min3
Bulgur wheat2Absorption15 min3
Cornmeal4Cereal10 min3-1/2
Couscous1-1/2Steep    5-10 min3
Cracked Wheat2    Absorption or Boiling15 min2
Farro, semi-pearled2Absorption or Boiling25-30 min2
Hominy, dried5Absorption or Boiling5-6 hours3
Millet3Absorption or Boiling25-30 min, 10 min standing time5
Oats, quick2Cereal or steep1 min + 3-5 min standing time2
Oats, old-fashioned2Cereal5 min2
Oats, steel-cut4Cereal20 min2
Quinoa2Absorption or Boiling15 min4
Rye berries3Absorption or Boiling1 hour 55 min3
Rye flakes3Cereal1 hour 5 min2-1/2
Triticale berries3Absorption or Boiling1 hour 45 min2-1/2
Wheat berries3Absorption or Boiling1 hour 10 min2-1/2
Wheat flakes4Cereal50-55 min2

*Cooking Methods

Absorption: Bring liquid to a boil. Stir in the grain. Cover and reduce the heat to low. Cook until liquid is absorbed and grain is tender to the bite. Fluff with a fork before serving. Soak harder grains in the liquid overnight to reduce the cooking time.

Steep: Pour boiling liquid over the grain. Cover and let stand until grain is tender to the bite.

Boiling:  Bring water to a boil.  Add grain, simmer until done.  Transfer to a colander and drain well.

Cereal:  Cereal grains are typically added to boiling water and stirred periodically (or constantlly depending on the cereal) until cooked and thickened.

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