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Chile Pepper Heat Scale

How hot is that chile pepper? Find it on our chili pepper HOT HOT HOT scale. The heat of a chili is measured by Scoville heat units.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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Chile Heat Scale

Fresh Chilies

The relative heat rating on this chart is based on a simple relative cale of 1 - 10.  The Scoville rating is given if available.  Click the chile name for additional information.  Photographs are used by permission of the most comprehensive resource for chili plants on the web.

 Relative Heat RatingScoville Units
Anaheim (green) chile 2-3 
Anaheim (red) chili 2-3 
Bell pepper (green, yellow, orange, red) 00-100
Brazilian Malagueta 9 
Chawa 3-4 
Chilaca 3-4 
De Agua chile (red or green) 4-5 
Dutch (red)6 
Fiesta Fips 6-8 
Fresno Red 6.5 
Guero 4.5 - 6.5 
Habanero 10200,000 to 300,000
Huachinano 5-6 
Hungarian Cherry Pepper 1-3 
Hungarian sweet chili 0-1 
Jalapeno (green) 5.52,500-5,000
Jalapeno (red) 5.52,500-5,000
Jamaican Hot 9 
Korean 6-7 
Macho (green) 9 -10 
Macho (red) 9-10 
Manzana 6-8 
Naga jolokia (India)10 +++ (still undocumented)280,000
New Mexico (green) 3-5 
New Mexico (red) 3-4 
Peruvian (gr, yellow, red) 7-8 
Peter Pepper 7.5 
Pimento 1 
Poblano (green or red) 3 
Rocotillo (red, green) 7-8 
Santa Fe Grande 6 
Scotch Bonnet 9 - 10100,000-350,000
Serrano (red or green)7 
Sweet Purple pepper 0 -1 
Tobasco (yellow, red, orange) 930,000-50,000
Tepin 8 
Thai 7-8100,000-350,000

chili.gif (4020 bytes)Dried Chilies

Aji Amarillo 7-8 
Aji Mirasol 2.52,500-5,000
Aji Panca 1.5 
Ancho 3-51,000-2,000
Cascabel 4 
Catarina 5 
Cayynne 830,000-50,000
Chilhuacle Amarillo 4 
Chihuacle Negro 4-5 
Chilhuacle Rojo 3 
Chilcostle 5 
Chiltepe 6 
Chipotle 5-615,000
Costeno 6-7 
Costeno Amarillo 4 
De Arbol 7.515,000-30,000
Guajillo 2-4 
Habanero 10 
Hungarian Cherry Pepper 1-3 
Mora 6 
Morita 6.5 
Mulato 2-4 
New Mexico (green) 3-5 
New Mexigo (red) 2-4 
New Mexico (NuMex Eclipse) 2-3 
New Mexico (NuMex Sunrise) 2-3 
New Mexico (NuMexSunset)2-3 
New Mexico Miniatures 2-3 
Onza 4-5 
Pasado 5 
Pasilla 3-51,000-2,000
Pasilla De Oaxaca 6-7 
Patzcuraro 5-6 
Pequin 8.5140,000
Pico De Pajaro 6-7 
Pulla 6 
Serrano Seco 7.55,000-15,000
Serrano Seco De Yucatan7.55,000-15,000
Tuxtla 7 
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