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A Guide To Beef Cuts with Steak and Roast Names

If you are befuddled by the names butchers and grocery stores give for various beef cuts then this chart will be a useful tool.  The chart lists beef cuts along with a corresponding reference to the part of the beef the cut is from.

Article by: Barbara Bowman

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A Guide To Beef Cuts with Steak and Roast Names

Diagram of steer

 Roast NameSteak NameOther Steak Names
#1 ChuckChuck Arm Roast

Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast

Chuck 7-Bone Pot Roast

Cross Rib Roast

English Roast

Chuck-Eye Roast

Top Blade Steak, bonelessFlat Iron Steak*
Book Steak
Butler Steak
Lifter Steak
Petit Steak
Top Chuck Steak
Boneless, Blade Steak
Chuck Eye Steak
  Shoulder Steak, bonelessCold Steak
English Steak
Long Broil
Shoulder Steak Half Cut
Arm Swiss Steak
Chuck Steak
  Chuck Arm SteakArm Swiss Steak
Chuck Steak for Swissing
Round Bone Steak
  Chuck-Eye Steak, bonelessBoneless Chuck Fillet Steak
Boneless Steak
Bottom Chuck
Boneless Chuck Slices
  Chuck Mock Tender SteakChuck-Eye Steak
Chuck Fillet Steak
Fish Steak
Chuck Tender Steak
  Chuck 7-Bone SteakCenter Chuck Steak
#2 RibRib Roast

Rib Eye Roast

Ribeye Steak
Boneless Rib Steak
Rib Steak
Beauty Steak
Delmonico Steak
Market Steak
Spencer Steak
#3 Short LoinTenderloin RoastT-Bone steakPorterhouse
  Tenderloin SteakFilet Mignon
Fillet Steak
  Top Loin Steak, bonelessStrip Steak
Kansas City Steak
New York Strip Steak
Ambassador Steak
Boneless Cub Steak, Hotel-Style Steak
Veiny Steak
  Top Loin Steak, bone-inStrip Steak
Sirloin Strip Steak
Chip Club Steak
Club Steak
Country Club Steak, Delmonico Steak
Shell Steak
#4 SirloinTri-Tip RoastSirloin Steak
Top Sirloin Cap Steak (Coulotte Steak)
Santa Maria Steak
Flat-Bone Steak
Pin-Bone Steak
Round-Bone Steak
Beef Loin
Bottom Sirloin Butt
Flap Steak* Flap Meat, Boneless
  Tri-Tip SteakTriangle Steak
#5 RoundBottom Round Roast

Eye Round Roast

Pikes Peak Roast
(Aka Heel of Round)

Round Tip Roast

Rump Roast

Tip Roast

Round Tip Steak, thin cutBall Tip Steak
Beef Sirloin Tip Steak
Breakfast Steak
Knuckle Steak
Sandwich Steak
Minute Steak
  Round SteakTop Round London Broil
# 6- 7 Shank & BrisketBrisket Whole

Brisket Flat Cut

#8 Plate Skirt SteakFajita Meat
Inside Skirt Steak
Outside Skirt Steak, Philadelphia Steak
  Hanger SteakButcher's Steak
Hanging Tender Flank Steak Fillet
Jiffy Steak
#9 Flank Flank SteakFlank Steak Fillet
Jiffy Steak

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Living in Ireland, this has help translate what I'm looking for into terms that the Irish butchers understand.

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